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After much research – both on Yelp and other website searches – I narrowed down my pick to a few companies.  After talking to each of the companies on the phone, I was most impressed with Sorensen.  The lady was helpful, thorough, and knowledgeable – the only one with all three qualities.  Honestly, the other ones had no redeemable qualities whatsoever and they all sounded annoyed to even explain “what’s included” in their maintenance package.  Really? I basically wanted them to come for an annual maintenance check before the summer heat really kicked in.  We had a rough start.  I was cancelled on then rescheduled; I didn’t pick up the phone and respond in time on the rescheduled date to let them know it was OK to come so I was cancelled on again and had to wait another week before they could come back out.  I really just wanted to go with someone else at this point but decided against it – good thing.  TIP: RESPOND to their phone call!!  If not, they just go to the next appointment.  So third times a charm.  Now, I don’t like dealing with A/C people.  We’ve had issues in the past with other companies and I always feel like they are selling me something I don’t need but when you don’t know anything about how stuff like this works, what are you going to do?  You know when your A/C works and you definitely know when it doesn’t.  That’s the extent of my knowledge.  Needless to say, when Brian started telling me everything wrong with our units, I could feel my blood pressure rising and our wallets shrinking.  BUT … I will say this, he’s the only person who has come to our house and explained stuff that was wrong with our units by giving us a straight answer.  How do I know they were straight answers?  Well, I guess I don’t.  I may not know much about how A/C units run but I usually do pretty good when I go with my gut and my gut felt like I could trust these folks.  I’ve always been given the run around about why the heck our units leaked Freon and always thought something was wrong that we had to keep getting it topped off every year.  Brian on the other hand told me exactly what he would do to fix the Freon leak – something that should never happen to your units by the way, which I knew, but no one has ever properly fixed, even when I asked about it.

Even though this visit instead of costing us a few hundred turned out to be a few thousand, we were given an honest answer on our repairs, I felt.  Our living room never feels like it’s cooling down during the height of the summer heat.  Even though we’re not at peak heat season yet, I really do feel like the units are all running more smoothly.  I guess only time will tell if the repairs really helped but I’m optimistic that it did!  So we had to forgo our Hawaii vacation and opt for something closer to home this year but if our units continue to run as smoothly as it has for the past few weeks, it was certainly worth it!

I will definitely use these folks in the future.

Luciana L.Buckeye, AZ


After a week of hearing about our friend’s hell of having their AC go out this past weekend, then have it fixed Monday, just to break again Wednesday morning and to not get fixed until today (Saturday)… the wife and I decided to call the landlord and ask for a maintenance check on our AC… just in case.  This AC doesn’t work nearly as well as the one at our old house did, so we were slightly concerned anyway.  So one of their people come out… And he was the nicest guy.  He explained a lot of things to me, tips and tricks and general info that’s good for an air conditioning dumbass like me. A nice little tidbit that I enjoyed… The return vent is NOT for human air quality control.  If you want to control the air quality in your home, use those Ionic Breeze things instead, or have a HEPA system installed for your AC.   Do NOT use those thick hypo allergenic/scented/etc. filters as it just strains your system and can cause break downs and inhibit the air flow. You know those piece of crap filters with the cardboard frame with the blue “stuff” that you can see right thru that the landlords give you to put up in your return? Use those.  Brian said that you are just wasting your money because the moment you open your door to go outside, you are breathing more crap than ever and letting it all in anyway. So anyway… now that I’ve lectured you all and pretended like I knew everything about air conditioners, I just wanted to tell you that these guys really do know what they are doing… hire them. 🙂 Brian said he can get parts within a day.  Your AC goes out? He’ll have you up and running the next day at the latest. But… they do not take home warranties.  You will have to pay for the repair yourself with these guys… but this is one of the few cases where I believe it’s worth it.

Jessica P.Glendale, AZ

Our AC had died and been repaired by one AC company but never felt like it was working properly, I decided to have another AC company come out and perform a check up. The second AC company gave me a list of problems that need to be fixed so I contacted my home warranty company and thankfully they sent Brian from Sorensen out. He was friendly, HONEST, and very knowledgeable. He didn’t mind me hovering around him as he worked and he pointed out problems and explained them to me as he found them. The home warranty company decided to replace our AC and I was thankful that they used Sorensen once again to install the new unit.


Chris H.Phoenix, AZ